RN Services

Nursing services are provided on site and on call, as needed.



Services include an admission assessment for proper placement, hands on training for caregivers as well as training delegated tasks. Our nurse has an extensive knowledge in many fields and certified in Gerontology and Med-surg. ​



Since 2010 our care home has been committed to serve a specific needs population of persons diagnosed with neurological diseases or disorders in the State of Oregon. We have stepped into a rewarding experience by opening our home to provide housing, care and enrich people's lives as well as ours. 

                                Our commitment is to promote a person centered culture

                                         that has the person's interest at the forefront of the agenda. 

                    We achieve these goals with the help of our staff, community partners and integrational programs in the area. 

    Our community offers a safe and home like environment to encourage growth, independence and autonomy for our residents.